Cruise Introduction

Land of the mystery! #The blue cave!
Get amazing spots and photos with your best shot!

View point introduction

Visiting a powerful spot
Please look for a spot only for you.

the blue cave

Mysterious region! Destination is the blue cave!!

  • Point ①Otaru North Breakwater

    Otaru North Breakwater

    Japan's first concrete seawalls! They were constructed 111 years ago and have been registered as a Hokkaido heritage site. See the powerful waves blocked by the seawalls.

  • Point ②Takashima Point

    Takashima Point

    Hiyoriyama Lighthouse has been filmed in movies and TV shows. Art like rocks surround the lighthouse.

  • Point ③Otaru Aquarium & Nishin Goden

    Otaru Aquarium & Nishin Goden

    #Ferris wheel #Otaru Aquarium #Nishin Goden

  • Point ④Sea Lion Rock

    Sea Lion Rock

    Sea lions are visible from February to April every year!
    Up to 20~30 sleeping Stellar sea lions can be seen at a time.

  • Point ⑤Mount Akaiwa

    Mount Akaiwa

    This area is known for its rock climbing throughout Japan!
    The geological layers started forming 15,000,000 years ago. Indeed, land of mystery!

  • Point ⑥Yamanaka Coastline(Charasenai Falls)

  • Point ⑦Otamoi Coastline "Ryugu Kaku"

    Otamoi Coastline Ryugu Kaku

    The luxurious Japanese-style restaurant called "Ryugu Kaku" was built by a wealthy man of Otaru.
    In early Showa era, a large resort facility called Otamoi amusement park was visited by many people.

  • Point ⑧Tsurukake Rock

    Tsurukake Rock

    Because the shape is similar to a handle or "crane" of a pot, it's called the Tsurukake Rock.
    This area is 5,000,000 years younger than the Mount Akaiwa, and started forming 10,000,000 years ago!
    Birds of prey like Peregrine falcons can be seen sometimes!

  • Point ⑨Mado Rock

    Mado Rock

    What is that beyond Madoiwa?
    Great chance for pictures of the afternoon sunlight! Aim for the evening cruise!

  • Point ⑩Blue Cave

    Blue Cave

    Now the climax! Into the blue cave!

    Amazing scenery! Blue Cave

    The entire view is filled with blue. Amazing scenery!
    Experience the power of natural art.
    Please enjoy one of the magnificent coasts of the Hokkaido!

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Duration: 80 minutes
①    9:00 ~ 10:20
② 10:30 ~ 11:50
③ 12:00 ~ 13:20
④ 13:30 ~ 14:50
⑤ 15:00 ~ 16:20
⑥ 17:00 ~ 18:20(June-August only)
※Please arrive at the waiting area at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time. ※Payment must be received prior to departure. ※Bathrooms are at the waiting area. ※Please select desired departure time when completing payment. ※Free parking is available.
Adult: 5,500JPY
Child:  3,000JPY (3 years old to elementary school age children)
Payment Details
・Please complete the boarding procedure 10 minutes prior to the departure time.
・Credit card payment is also accepted.
・No cancelation fees for reservations completed on the Ryugu Cruise website or via telephone. Reservations made through third party websites or travel agencies will follow their cancelation policies.
Other information
・Please notify staff if you are not feeling well at any time.
・If it is deemed unsafe to continue the cruise due to weather or other conditions, customers will have the option for a refund or reschedule for a later cruise.
・Delays may occur due to congestion at the cave and/or weather conditions.

・Ryugu Cruise follows strict water safety procedures. However, insurance is included with your cruise fees.

・The minimum passengers on each cruise is three. The maximum is twelve.
・In cases without reservation, please contact our office via telephone.

Discounts are available for groups, charter cruises and other events by request.


English translations are prepared for each point.

Attire for the cruise

The cruise will be by a power boat, so please bring warm clothes to prepare for possible cold weather. Outerwear will be available for rental for spring and fall cruises.
On windy days, there will be a chance of getting wet.
Life jackets are available for all passengers.

Online Booking Please feel free to ask us0134-32-3911