Terms of Service

Terms of Ryugu Cruise

When using this reservation site, please be sure to agree to these Terms of Service.

※ Please be aware that in case of bad weather such as excessive wind, waves or dense fog, we may be forced to cancel our tours. If such a cancellation were to occur, we will refund the tour fees that you submitted. We will not be responsible for any other related fees such as hotel or transportation costs.

※ Usually the decision to cancel will happen a day before the tour but in case of weather change, we may be forced to cancel either on the same day or even on the last minute.

※ Also if you are inebriated or in bad health, you will not be allowed to join the tour.

※ The tour is in the nature so your clothes may get dirty.

※ You are allowed to bring tech gear such as cell phone, camera, or camcorder but in case of breakage or loss, we will not be responsible for any items you bring.

※ If you have any further questions, please contact us.
Thank you.